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A Landscape of Women's Stories

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Submission Guidelines

I've been fielding a few questions about word count and for the sake of clarity, I'm posting our guidelines on this blog.

Contributors can submit prose pieces, poetry, essay, artwork, photography, interviews, or mix-media. Really, we are that flexible. Want to submit only quotes? Sure why not? Tamara and I are asking you to surprise us.

Work can be in English or your mother tongue but we require English translation to accompany your work. We accept Standard British and American English. Or Pig Latin. Yes, we are really that flexible.

1. Short stories: no more than 1000 words
2. Essays: no more than 1000 words
3. Interviews: no more than 1000 words.
4. Poetry: 4 to 6 pieces. Or 1. Really it's up to you!

Flash fiction (any words less than 500 words will be enthusiastically received!)

Surprise us. Challenge us.

One point to note: unpublished women are welcome!

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