Photograph byJolka Igolka

A Landscape of Women's Stories

Friday, April 30, 2010

Submission Guidelines Amendments

After reviewing our proposed format, Tamara and I have made the following adjustments to our word counts:

1. Short stories: no more than 1000 words
2. Essays: no more than 1000 words
3. Interviews: no more than 1000 words.
4. Poetry: 4 to 6 pieces. Or 1. Really it's up to you!

Flash fiction (any words less than 500 words) will be enthusiastically received!

Longer works will still be accepted although please be aware they may be edited for the final product. Any problems? Email me!

A Week of Mapping Me

It has been a busy week. Not only are we managing our daily jobs, Tamara as a production coordinator for a National Broadcaster and myself - working on my novel, but also Mapping Me is slowly mapping into place.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to meet with a publisher to discuss avenues of publication, markets, proposals and potential areas of concern as well as funding strategies. It was incredibly informative and Tamara and I left the meeting fully convinced that this project is a sure thing.

So here we are, at our weekly meeting discussing the samples you have sent to us already and building a mock up book to give ourselves an idea of the look we hope to achieve. It is a slow processes but the turtle did eventually win the race!

Keep those stories, poems, artwork, photographs coming!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Speakers Of Other Languages

As soon as I wrote 'Other Languages' I realised my faux pas. How negatively have I qualified language by the simple placement of the word 'other.' Am I suggesting that English is in some way a normal dialogue and anything outside of its boundaries is different, marked and perhaps, dare I say, less effective as a mode of communication. Actually, tonight I have realised the constraints of English. As with any language communicating with people whose mother tongue I don't share (or communicating with those who I do!) is a mixed bag: sometimes we understand and sometimes we make mistakes. It's a matter of guess and sometimes semantics. Either way, any dialogue is a minefield. So let's begin again without the 'other':

Speakers of [World] Languages

I'm seeking assistance from people who have a firm grasp of French, German, Czech, Aboriginal, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, any language at all to help us compose letters to art faculties and magazines. If you like to help, please drop me a line.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Call for Artists

Mapping Me is a multi-disciplinary approach to the question of 'Who Am I?' As well as short stories, poetry and essays, we are calling for women artists and photographers to submit visual works which explores their experiences as women within their cultures. We seek sketches, paintings and photography to exist alongside our literary sisters. If you are interested in submitting something, please email me for a synopsis of the project. As with creative writing submissions, please include a sample of your work in JPEG format along with a short biography about yourself.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Question of Answers

I've had a few questions via email so grab a cuppa and take a seat, wise Orchid will answer all for you.

Do you have a submission deadline?

Yes and no. All we require at this initial stage is an author's biography, detailing any publisher's credit and your nationalities and a sample of your work. We would appreciate it if we could receive this information by the 1 June 2010. This sample doesn't need to be the piece you want published, it's merely to give Tamara and I an idea of your style and scope.

Who will be publishing the anthology?

As of April, Tamara and I do not have a publisher on board. Yet. That's the operative word. That being said, I am extremely hopeful. The women's market is a dynamic sector in the publishing world and both Tamara and I are extremely passionate about this project. Given our location (NZ) and the nature of this project, we want to be absolutely thorough with our proposal in order to secure its success with a publishing house. So patience!

Can we paste our sample/submission in the body of the email or are attachments are?

Either way is acceptable. But please be aware that formatting often changes when you paste in the body of an email.

Can I send a previously published poem/short story?

This question is a little more tricky to answer. It will depend upon the contract and arrangements you have with your publisher. By all means, submit it if you feel strongly about the work but please provide dates of publication and the name of the publishing house. Be aware we may not be able to obtain clearance to use your work.

I've never been published, can I submit something?
Of course! We are actively encouraging unpublished writers to be a part of this opportunity.

And a final word,

This project is an organic process. We are working with women who don't always have access to computers or their internet connections are unreliable. Tamara and I will endeavour to keep in touch with you as we develop this project but we do ask for patience.

Happy writing!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Submission Guidelines

I've been fielding a few questions about word count and for the sake of clarity, I'm posting our guidelines on this blog.

Contributors can submit prose pieces, poetry, essay, artwork, photography, interviews, or mix-media. Really, we are that flexible. Want to submit only quotes? Sure why not? Tamara and I are asking you to surprise us.

Work can be in English or your mother tongue but we require English translation to accompany your work. We accept Standard British and American English. Or Pig Latin. Yes, we are really that flexible.

1. Short stories: no more than 1000 words
2. Essays: no more than 1000 words
3. Interviews: no more than 1000 words.
4. Poetry: 4 to 6 pieces. Or 1. Really it's up to you!

Flash fiction (any words less than 500 words will be enthusiastically received!)

Surprise us. Challenge us.

One point to note: unpublished women are welcome!

Monday, April 19, 2010


"Mapping Me" is an exciting new anthology project of women's stories which will explore the complexities of lives across ethnic and cultural divides. A collaborative effort between New Zealand writer Orchid Tierney and Russian Armenian writer, Tamara Azizian, this anthology will pose the fundamental question of "who am I" in an eclectic range of poetry, artwork, photography, essays, interviews and short story creative writing.