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A Landscape of Women's Stories

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Message from Tamara

As we greet December, perhaps with some hesitation, considering how fast the year has gone.. again. I embrace this last month of 2010 as a conclusion to a year that has been challenging but also full of inspiration and promise. Wherever the 2nd December may find you - be it in New Zealand gearing up for beach and barbeque season, in Northern Hemisphere preparing for the chill of snow or in the Middle East (where I am at the moment), praying for rain to finally arrive. Wherever we may be there is no doubt this month we are united by the feeling of hope for the new year. This year we have had privilege to receive creative work from all corners of our planet. Stories that are personal and courageous; art that is evoking and sensual. We want to once again thank all our creatives for their submissions. We are slowly but surely compiling the work we've received and aiming to have the draft finished as soon as possible.

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