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A Landscape of Women's Stories

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mapping Me - Update

As the sun is setting on another beautiful cool winter's day Orchid and I are discussing and reviewing the submissions we've received so far. It is both exciting and humbling to discover daily submissions from our worldly creatives. August will be the reading month - looking forward to it. Meantime, positive news as Orchid is having her poetry published in Otoliths, Street Cake magazine and Potroast (she did not want me to mention it, claimed it as being naff - but here we are). After 1 September submission deadline we will be drafting the book and distributing it to publishers. Thank you for your stories and your patience. More updates to follow.


  1. Hey Orchid, Enjoyed 'Biposy of Mother' in the Otoliths.

  2. Hi Mariana, thanks! I love breaking words down into their linguistic parts and those types of poems are really enjoyable to make.