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A Landscape of Women's Stories

Friday, May 14, 2010

Poof....the week that was

It seems as I grow older, the days turn faster. Certainly it has been the case this week, as Tamara and I approach the middle of May with our 1st of June deadline approaching. Of course, I have been working on a television show this week - it's hard and fatiguing work - yet after a long day it's a pleasant feeling to open my inbox and see those samples waiting to be read. Truly I'm astounded to see the wealth of talent, those quiet voices finding voice within the magma of literature and unpublished writing.

The key to empowering and encouraging women in literary endeavours is to encourage the creativity of family and whanau, of village and town, of city and country and of Nation! Mapping Me isn't just a project about celebrating women - it's about celebrating what it means to be human upon this blue planet.

So for anyone wondering: 'can I write or draw? Can I contribute?' the question I would ask you is

'will you?'

Happy writing.

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