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Monday, May 31, 2010

MM - it's short for Mapping Me not the chocolate sweet.

Tamara and I had a long meeting today. Needless to say, I am exhausted and in desperate need of a good English breakfast tea. So sit back, kittlings, put your feet up and let your hands cup a warm mug of soy/milk/coca/coffee/tea, it is time for our weekly update.

Over the coming weeks we will be assessing our samples/submissions. It will a careful process made so much harder by the incredible quality of the work we have received. Our reading period is currently a month, so please feel free to nag us if you haven't heard from us by July. Nevertheless, we are truely heartened by the responses. We will be setting up a database of emails to keep our readers and contributors in the loop of any developments. As a writer myself I know how tedious and nerve-wrecking the waiting process is. Believe me, Tamara and I are currently living it!

The purpose of our meeting today was to nut out our proposal. After seven hours, I think not only surpassed our goal but we left it quaking at the side of the road. Our next step is to begin to approach literary agents and publishers with the view towards the international market. Watch this space.

As always, we are appreciative of the support and kindness of all women who have submitted their samples. Please pass on the word about Mapping Me to your friends, colleagues and families. The more people are aware of this project, greater is the readership for our contributors!

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